The days in November and December are dark for us in Sweden, and perfect for spending long days inside working by ourselves. There are however several great events that light up these dark months for us – such as LiU Game Conference. This year the conference was bigger then ever, over 1300 tickets were distributed and the scenes were packed with exciting talks from speakers from Blizzard, Remedy, Jagex, Linköping University and Skövde University. We were lucky to get a spot to showcase Coridden for the conference visitors and met many lovely people: students, industry folks, indie developers, enthusiast and gamers. Narin also participated in a panel discussion with the topic ”How do we inspire young gamers to start developing games?”. It was a great privilege to discuss this topic together with so bright and engaging individuals.  See all info and pictures from the event here:

The day after the conference we attendet to the exclusive Masterclass in Game Design held by Jim Brown (Epic Games). We had a wonderful time and learned a lot from Jim, and also got the chance to get to know more people!

Just as last year we also visited TellUs 2018, a different kind of bookfair that not only includes written stories but also wants to focus on storytelling in different kind of mediums such as games.

Lastly, we are going to be a part of the Gam Jam by Sigma the 28th of December. We’re going to be at the Game Jam as support for young folk that want to create a game in Unity. I’ll be exiting and fun to see what games that will be made! More information about event can be found here(in Swedish):

One of the speakers was James Crowson, Senior Cinematic Animator at Blizzard. We loved this talk!
Photo by: Crelle
Panel discussion with Jim Brown (Epic Games), Liam Sorta (Unity Technologies), Anna Erlandsson (Sverok), Narin, Tabitha Haye (EA), Thomas Arnroth (KIT) & moderator Carolina Olsson (East Sweden Game).
Photo by: Crelle
Tomas Ahlström, organizer of LiU Game Conferece & manager at East Sweden Game.
Photo by: Crelle
Narin, Valle and Jousef (Amberwing) at TellUs 2018