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We love playing games together. To get involved in stories, solve problems and have fun while playing games with someone is our favorite form of entertainment. The craving after more games to play with each other gave us the motivation to create something ourselves to share with our friends. Developing games started as a hobby, but as we went on, we discovered a passion we didn’t know we had.

With Aftnareld we want to honour and encourage the joy of experiencing games together with friends. Aftnareld translates to evenings (aftnar) and fire (eld), and is a metaphor for the evenings spent together around the modern fire.

Follow us on our journey as we with great desire, much patience and strong teamwork strive to overcome the obstacles arisen from little experience and education in game design. With the support and help from all the caring people around us we work hard towards fulfilling our aspiration to enrich evenings with enjoyable, fulfilling cooperative games.

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